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You own a lot different cryptocurrencies and you’re sick of losing track of prices and  your amounts?

Well, then the following simple dashboard could be and interesting solution for your problem.

It features the coinmarketcap API and lets you easily organize your cryptocurrencies!

Simply navigate to: https://www.mrojek.com/crypto-dashboard.html and proceed by adding your cryptos. The url can be exported afterwards and that’s how you can start keeping track of your cryptos. Simple save that url or send it to your mail or whatever.

How to add cryptocurrencies to your portfolio

If you feel comfortable you can already pass the cryptocurrencies and amounts in the url. For example for 10 bitcoins and an investment of 8000.10 $ you simply write: https://www.mrojek.com/crypto-dashboard.html?bitcoin=10.0&allin=8000.10

An url for a longer crypto-portfolio can be found in the following example:

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Organizing Dashboard


Enjoy it!